It was a dark and stormy night…

No, really, it is. There is a massive line of thunderstorms working their way across greater Hartford at the moment, and I have a pretty good view through our curtainless sliding doors. As a time to be writing a first blog post, it adds a lot of ambiance. Still, I’ve got the flashlight next to me, just in case.

I’ve flirted with and rejected the idea of starting a blog dozens of times over the years, but this seems like the right time. I got married just over a year ago and since then, we’ve moved to a different state, I’ve changed jobs, and I’ve tried to start taking better care of my mental health. I’m hoping that this blog will help to organize my thoughts to help ease my anxiety, as well as serve as a place to document my various hobbies. Knitting and cooking are the activities that most effectively occupy and calm my mind, as well as give me a great sense of pleasure. This blog will also most likely feature a lot of this guy:


Tiki is my family’s dog. He is 13.5 years old, intensely demanding, mostly deaf and utterly cute. He knows he has us all very well trained to do exactly as he wants, and I’m fine with it. Even my husband respects the sacredness of Tiki Time when we go to visit.

As for sassafrass – my papou (grandfather) calls me Miss Sassafrass when I’m being a wise-ass, and it is the only real nickname anyone has ever ascribed to me. I love it.


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